TVET Colleges in South Africa

List of Public TVET Colleges in South Africa

Frequently asked questions What is a public TVET college?

Public TVET colleges strive to provide high-quality education and training to help learners equip themselves with the qualifications and skills they need to begin their chosen career paths. Learners gain invaluable life skills to meet the many challenges of the working world with more than just a qualification on paper.

Public TVET colleges also work closely with players and stakeholders from various industries to help meet the demand for trained, skilled and qualified employees through customised education and training programmes.

Why consider vocational training at a public TVET college? The education and training offered at a public TVET college is customised and responsive to the learner and industry needs. The careers they promote are essential for the continued improvement of the South African economy.

A TVET vocational programme will equip learners for a successful and rewarding career in an industry that has a high demand for the learner’s practical skills, experience and knowledge and it will also provide learners with access to higher education and lifelong learning. For learners, this means that their earning potential can be unlimited. How will attending a public TVET College benefit learners?

As public TVET college students, learners will gain integrated theoretical knowledge and practical experience, exposure to their chosen industry and a meaningful qualification as part of affordable education, something to which all South Africans have a right.

This holds true for learners just starting their career-focussed education and adults of any age interested in additional training in a career already being pursued or even those interested in a complete career change.

A public TVET college programme helps learners master the skills they need to build their futures

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